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Yerres is known for its charm, its tranquillity and its history. This area was the home of the painter Caillebotte, and for the last few years has been known as the birthplace of a famous pastry-maker and confectioner: Macarons Gourmands.

Macarons Gourmands, a young but traditional company created by Marie-Odile and Yannick Lefort in 1999, specialises in the manufacture of top-quality macaroons, combining tradition and innovation in the field of pastry-making for a delightful taste experience.

Its boldness and talent have earned pride of place for Macarons Gourmands in the world of gastronomy, as well as fame that now extends beyond the borders of France.
To date, 150 different gems of the pastry-making art have been created in these natural surroundings thanks to the passion and consummate skill of Master Pastry Chef Yannick Lefort and his 12 colleagues.

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