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Travel diary

For his new collection Yannick Lefort invites you to turn the pages of his Travel diary

Sometimes in the travel souvenirs and gifts slip colors, smells, tastes that appeal to you naturally ... Whether far or not, every trip is an opportunity to awaken our taste buds to gustatory initiation. Guided by inspiration and creativity winds, our Chef reveals the secrets of flavor combinations promising contrasting taste experiences.

And page to page he brings you to appreciate his sensitivity to discover, like so many greedy postcards, macaroons with names of towns whose specialty, often only known by insiders offered inspiration to our Chef ...

Vienna, Naples, Nilgiri, Kochi, Vercelli, Nemours! Yannick Lefort travel diary states a unique experience, a reminder of the happiness brought by the trip and the great pleasure to share his brainwaves as an emotional moment of confidence.

A leaf through without moderation for moments of ever-changing culinary delights!

50 macaroons box   - 26 €

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