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Macarons Gourmands, the macaroon specialist, is delighted to share its passion for refined flavours, new tastes and delicious discoveries with you.

Macarons Gourmands is for all gastronomy professionals who wish to enhance their range or their dessert menu with high-quality offerings and satisfy their customers: caterers, restaurants and luxury hotels, pastry shops and fine food shops.

Every macaroon presented comes with a guarantee of impeccable quality.
By offering a frozen product, Macarons Gourmands lets you combine fast availability with cost control.

  • You will have the flexibility to deal with fluctuating demand and the unexpected requirements of an increasingly aware clientele.
  • In accordance with our ongoing quality approach, all of our products are made in our 1000 m2 workshop using the very best, carefully-selected ingredients and in keeping with French pastry-making tradition.
  • We aim for completeness of the product, which includes filling the shell pockets to guarantee a generous finished product.

Macarons Gourmands wants to share a certain lifestyle with you in a spirit of quality and enjoyment that reigns over all of our customer relations.

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