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For Christmas… the MIRABEL gets party dresses!
The shell completely tabby and spangled for this very delicious macaroon, made of a macaroon paste with chopped and toasted pecans, flavored with chicory and garnished with a maple caramel.

Packet of 4 macaroons : €4 the packet

Your DESSERTS OF Parties

CŒUR DE FRAISE, a pistachio macaroon biscuit-shaped heart, generously filled with a homemade strawberry compote, vanilla Bavarois cream, strawberry icing.

Price : €20

Available from February 4th until February 19th

FLEUR D’AMOUR, individual pretty pink macaroon made of a paste with almond macaroon with inclusion of rose petals decorated in the center of a small chocolate heart, emphasizing a Poppy of Nemours smooth butter cream and chopped cherries. A perfect match for sensations in duo.

Price €2,50

Available from February 4th until February 19th

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