Yannick Lefort: Master Confectioner   Excellence   Designer macaroons   A company with charm 

Top-quality ingredients selected with care (pure almond, Valrhona luxury chocolate, fresh fruit juice and zest, Tahitian vanilla, etc.) and innovative manufacturing techniques

Macarons Gourmands: an authentic and prestigious treat that awakens every one of the gourmet's senses:

  • alluring colours and flawless curves are pleasing to the eye,
  • a marvellous blend of aromas intrigues the nose,
  • a smooth coat and a few grains or beads of chocolate are inviting to the touch,
  • a crisp, fine envelope is tantalising to the ears,
  • a judicious combination of tradition and originality is a joy to taste.

Our macaroon is an irresistible delicacy that invites admiration and wins people over. It transport the food lover to a new plane of excellence.

Yannick Lefort has used his skill and imagination to make the macaroon a shining jewel of the pastry world and to make Macarons Gourmands the pride of French pastry-making.
Its philosophy, its quality approach and its innovative creations allow Macarons Gourmands to ring the changes with every fine detail and to combine these high standards with its unique personality.

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