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Data Protection Act
Users of the Macarons Gourmands website must observe the provisions of the law concerning data protection, whose violation is punishable by law. In particular, with respect to the named data to which they have access, they must refrain from collecting, misusing, and more generally performing any action likely to violate the privacy or reputation of persons. Violators are subject to penalties in accordance with the provisions of Section V of the new penal code concerning the infringement of personal rights arising from computer files or processing and Chapter III concerning breaches of automatic data processing systems.
Personal data that you send to Macarons Gourmands will not be sent to a third party. You have a right to access, modify, correct, and delete any data concerning you (Article 34 of the Data Protection Act). To exercise this right, contact Macarons Gourmands by telephone on +33 (0)1 69 49 61 11 or by e-mail on

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