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After the success of our Croq's ... here are the Mac'quicroq ! These are macaroons shells made of macaroons almond paste, just a little more cooked than a macaroon, that offer small colorful and festive bouchées to be used with an unlimited creativity, from a simple biscuit to accompany a dessert, an ice cream or champagne, to the most fun decorations of your homemade desserts or with a coffee or tea. Infinite variations ...

Croq's ø 2 cm :
Box : 120 gr  - 8 €
Box : 200 gr  - 12 €

Mac’quicroq’s ø 4 cm :
Box : 230 gr  - 12 €


Small craft candy with authentic flavors made with our broken macaroons. 3 flavors: raspberry, chocolate, hazelnut.

Packet of 200 gr  - 6,30 €


Cook astonishment with macaroons JARDINIERS® !

The taste of authenticity, primary value in Macarons Gourmands, is in these small innovative bouchées, seasonal delicacies, and creative combinations of flavors to be blended with salty sensations of original appetizer or to propose a convivial gourmet drink.

Desire, exception, rarity and refinement, Yannick Lefort is a creator of emotions, suspending the course of the time to feel again an intense pleasure and excite all the senses at the cocktail hour ...

Festive meals, gourmet appetizer and creative recipes will greatly adapt to the original flavors of the MACARONS JARDINIERS® of MACARONS GOURMANDS.

For this new range, in September Macarons Gourmands received the "prix de l’Innovation Alimentaire 2010 dans la catégorie « art culinaire ». (2010 food innovation award in the "culinary arts" category).

6 assorted flavor :
Carrot, velvet Watercress, Fennel, peas with shallot, Red Pearl (tomato-basil) and Violin (vitelotte patatoe)

Box : 50 macarons Jardiniers®   - 28 €
Packet of 12 macarons Jardiniers®   - 12,50 €


Revisit your festive dessert and surprise your friends with our pyramids of macaroons !

Pyramid of macaroons, on a delicious Valrhona chocolate cone composed of 36 assorted macaroons.
Size: Ø 18 cm at the base - H. : 25 cm
On order only. 1-week order time

Pyramid - 42 €

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