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For the last ten years, Yannick Lefort has taught other professionals at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Pâtisserie (National Pastry-Making School) and in other countries: Belgium, Germany, Spain, Antilles, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, USA, and Japan, amongst others.

He has written two books:

  • La journée Chocolat (Chocolate Day)
  • La Grande Passion des Tartes (A Passion for Pies) (HACHETTE)

and has helped with many books:

  • 100% chocolat Katherine Khodorowsky and Dr Hervé Robert (SOLAR)
  • Van Houten par les Grands Chefs, luxurious cocoa recipes
  • Thés, cultures, senteurs, saveurs (Teas, cultures, scents and flavours) Olivier Scala and Marie Grézard, photos by: Patrick Aufauvre (SOLAR)
  • Vins et chocolat (Wines and chocolate) by Florence Hernandez (AUBANE)
  • Les fabuleuses recettes du Salon du Chocolat (Fabulous Recipes from the Chocolate Show)(MICHEL LAFONT)

Press Articles:

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