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Yannick Lefort sees himself first and foremost as a craftsman who loves beauty, quality and authenticity.

He doesn't claim to be the Modigliani of petits fours or the Mozart of the pastry world. He doesn't spend his life pontificating; it's his macaroons that are puffed up, not his ego. The main thing is to apply intelligence to what you do.

His passion originated in Alsace, at the meeting point ot sweet confections from Germany, Belgium, Austria and France. This region is where all of these influences and techniques are concentrated; life is good there, and so is the food. But Yannick Lefort was eager to learn, and so he set out to discover new ideas.

At the age of 20, equipped with his journeyman's diploma, he went up to Paris and honed his skills with the capital's top talent. At 26, after perfecting his methods and taking evening classes at the Paris Museum of Decorative Arts, he realised that he would have to strike out on his own in order to assert his own style and his vision of enjoyable food. That is when he became head pastry chef at Maxim's Traiteur, at François Clerc, and then at 'La Grande Epicerie de Paris'.

With his tremendous creativity, he has been the first person to create many innovations:

  •  Crème brûlée with wild herbs
    (tarragon, basil, fennel, etc.)
  •  Sorbet small fry
     (20 years before molecular gastronomy)
  • Flourless biscuits
  • Chocolate apple pie with camembert
  • Pepper meringue on blackberry pie
  •  Etc …

In tune with local produce, faithful in his product choices, and with an aura of immutable skill, this hedonist converts his talent into a true lifestyle. That is why he makes pastry the way he likes it: flavourful and luxurious, fun and varied, classic and surprising, precise and contrasted. His style is simple and clean, free of needless complications.

Technique must serve us, but we should never let it hamper us.

As the fruit of this passion and determination, in 1999 Yannick and Marie Odile Lefort created a unique concept: Macarons Gourmands.

Yannick Lefort is generous by nature and would like to share some recipes with you:

Citrus pie, muscat cream, and Matcha tea

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