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The 25 varieties that make up the seasonal menus (spring summer, autumn winter) are sold in several forms:

  • 12 cocktail macaroons in a box
    priced at €14, perfect as a gift or for a little tasting session.
  • Box of 50 macaroons, professional packaging and prices, 50 macaroons in 10 different flavours, 5 classic and 5 speciality for €28.50
  • Individual macaroon
    7 to 8 cm diameter, the only one sold retail, €2.20 each
  • The taste box
    12 individual macaroons, with at least 10 different flavours, for €22.50
  • Clever assortment box
    12 individual macaroons in 3 flavours, €20.50
  • Packet of 12 MACAROONS JARDINIERS® for €14 to emphasize your festive dishes, 
  • Box of 50 assorted macarons JARDINIERS® professional packaging and prices, 50 macaroons in 6 different flavours,  for €31.50

These boxes are all made up according to the products of the week. There are two ways to get your favourite flavour:

  • order a box of 50 of the flavour you want at least five days in advance
  • order a mixed box (25 macaroons x your choice of two flavours) five days in advance
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