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Founded in 1999, Macarons Gourmands creates top-of-the-range macaroons for chefs and catering professionals all over the world.

In the decade since its creation, Macarons Gourmands has built its reputation on excellence and creativity.
Yannick Lefort, who founded the company, is a pastry chef with the highest standards concerning the authenticity, rarity, and originality of the products he selects to design his macaroons.

"I am driven by the desire to apply traditional methods to my work.
I wanted to create a unique product, but I also wanted to make every one of its component parts in my own workshop: Almond past, pralines, jam, candied fruit, liqueurs, etc.".

"I thought up a flexible structure for it, to allow creativity and diversity in the fillings.
I invested all of my enthusiasm in it; the passion that drives me and makes me want to share a certain lifestyle...and a weakness for good foods."

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